Monday, May 11, 2009

Easy desktop sharing

The easiest tool I know is YuuGuu. Pro: small to download, easy to use, supports all three platforms Win/Mac/Linux. Cons: java based, slow because it is not peer to peer.

A bit harder to setup because at least one of the peer must reconfigure its firewall is Bosco's Screen Share. This is peer to peer and thus faster. Cons: no Linux support, only Win/Mac. I tested Mac version trying to connect to a peer with port 20229 opened and seems to have problem: it hangs after a while, very annoying. This is why I'm using YuuGuu although it's slower.


Alex Ferri said...

I am the developer of a software called ScreenCamera that allows users to stream the desktop inside video chatting programs and websites such as Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, blogTV,, Mogulus, and so on.

ScreenCamera has a free version that streams the desktop without any cost or any limitation. The paid version supports webcams allowing to users to stream desktop and webcam together and also use the webcam on multiple programs at the same time.

It is a free desktop sharing program that has the only downside of having to shrink the desktop to 320×240 pixels that is the resolution most video chatting programs and websites use. It makes up for it allowing the user to follow the cursor or select regions of the desktop and by not interfering with the live video chatting.

You can download the free version here:

Or the paid version here:

Alex Ferri
PCWinSoft Systems Ltd

Andrew Donnelly said...

Hi Antonio,
You might be interested in testing out Mikogo, a very easy solution to free desktop sharing and is ideal for free online meetings, Web presentations and remote support.
No configurations or network changes required. Starting a meeting takes just a couple of mouse clicks from your desktop.
Features include: screen sharing, switch presenter, remote keyboard/mouse control, whiteboard, recording, file transfer, scheduler and more.
You can find more info and download it for free at

Kind regards,
The Mikogo Team

Farmboy said...

I’ve heard about Mikogo but now I’m not able to test it because I’m at home where I don’t own a single copy of Microsoft Windows - I only have OS X and Linux. ASAIK Mikogo only works from Windows to Windows.